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Five Ways You Can Find Joy in Homemaking

Some days you start out with a full to-do list. Some days, the mess and needs are endless. I have spent the past nine years finding my footing in homemaking, and I want to share a few tips I have found that help me find JOY while serving my family and caring for a home.

1. Create a Space You Love

I love being in aesthetically pleasing places and atmospheres. If I could live in Anthropologie, I would! There is something soothing to be in a space where everything has a home, everything is tidy, and the decor is thoughtfully placed. Do you feel the same? Then why not make your home a place that makes you feel this way. What are some ways you could make your home feel cozy and inviting for you to be and work in daily?

Homemaking in this way may look like switching out your cleaning supplies you use daily to wooden or cute ones like these. Or spending some time setting up a beautiful “mama only” space or basket that holds your essentials, like a pretty planner and your favorite pens. Maybe even swapping out those mismatched old dishes for some you enjoy washing every day. Find little ways to enjoy being in your place of work… your home. Be creative in making your space one that is personal to you and a cozy place to be every day.

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2. Write a Mission Statement

This may seem a bit of an overkill for a homemaker, BUT it is a job. Take it seriously. Most businesses, at least if they are a reputable and thriving business, have a mission statement. WHY do you do what you do? WHAT is the reason you do what you do? HOW do you do what you do? This is a great way to always have a landing spot for those seasons that feel hard and demanding. You can see the joy through those seasons by asking yourself those questions, and remembering that there are brighter days ahead.

3. Fuel the Fire of Creativity

What are some things you do that make you feel most alive, or make you feel like YOU? Cooking? Painting? Exercising? Baking? Find ways to do more of that! Additionally, you have those unique gifts to bring to the table and to your family. Fill that cup of creativity, and you will be surprised at how that filled cup will spill over into your homemaking! If you love to paint, paint things for your home, family, or friends. If you love to bake, find more time to do just that! A home full of creativity and artistry is a happy and joyful place to be.

4. Find Ways to Serve Outside Your Home

Sometimes working in your home can make it feel that there isn’t a whole wide world out there, and it’s easy to get into a rut of only caring about the people inside those walls. Look for ways to serve, whether it is in your church, community, or even extended family. I know it may feel that you don’t have much to give, but YOU DO. And the people around you need you and the love and care that you can give. It also offers perspective and a chance to see the world through someone else’s eyes and experiences. Taking time to know and be known by those around you outside your home is never wasted time.

5. Work to Create a Heart of Contentment

There will be days that it is just HARD to be home, maybe tending to little ones, cleaning the bathroom again, paying bills, or buying groceries. I think that these mundane tasks can be tiresome to many. I often ask myself, “What else would I want to be doing?” The answer is always nothing. This is where I WANT to be. That perspective really turns my heart attitude around, from HAVING to do the dishes again, to GETTING to be home to do the dishes again. Look for ways to grow a heart of contentment for the home and work that is right in front of you. When I grow discontent with my home, a deep clean usually does the trick because it typically ends up feeling fresh and new again, and instills a heart of gratitude in me. Remember to take care of the things you have, and work to be content with your home and life.

Homemaking is a beautiful and rich endeavor. It is not only useful to your family, but to a generation of people as you raise homes full of cared for individuals that go out and serve and love on the rest of the world. You have beautiful and JOYFUL days ahead of you as you serve and love within your home. Whether you are just beginning your homemaking journey or are a seasoned homemaker, I hope this brings you encouragement and helpful ideas to add joy to your days!

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