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Ten Things I Want My Homeschooled Children To Take With Them Into the World

As a homeschooling mama, I have contemplated my reasons for home educating for a long while. At least since my daughter was born, 8.5 years ago. I think about the specific things I want to instill in my children frequently. I try to not to put pressure on myself to do ALL the things, because I am human and I find that if I stress about things that I most likely can’t control, I will not be at my best. However, what I CAN do is focus on the things I can control. Like sitting with my husband and thinking through what we pray our kids take with them from our home, and carry throughout the rest of their lives.

We have so many options on what to spend our time doing … sports, lessons, etc. Sometimes it can be hard deciding what to prioritize! Here is my list of what I want my homeschooled children to leave my home with:

  1. An extensive memory of Bible passages to cling to and recite in times of hardship and times of joy.
  2. A love for people. We work hard to teach our kids that we value people over things or status.
  3. The skill of playing piano. They will be able to play when they are young and old. This is also a way that our children can serve the church.
  4. A love of books. They will always have a productive hobby that enhances their lives and can be therapeutic in times of hardship.
  5. A collection of hymns, folksongs, and other works of music stored to memory for when they need to recall beauty or gain bravery.
  6. The value of knowing hard work. I want them to have had experience in seeing things through when they’re hard and knowing that hard work really makes a difference.
  7. A love of nature. They can always go outside and enjoy God’s creation and remember how big He is. This also will help mind, soul, and body.
  8. The knowledge of a least one other language. For us, that is Spanish. This allows them to not only communicate with more people, but I also believe this is a great help to the church.
  9. The ability to cook and read recipes. This is for my boys and girl. I want them to be able to care for their themselves and their families. Self-sufficiency!
  10. A love of knowledge. No matter how many gaps in their education they come out of my home school with, if they have the ability to learn and find answers, they can figure anything out that they need to learn.

This list of ten things allows us to really prioritize what we invest our time, energy, and money in as we plan every year. One of the joys of homeschooling is also a pit fall of homeschooling in this day and age…. so many choices! I really want to make sure we grow them in these areas. Areas that no matter their age, situation, status, the state of the world, etc, they have these things to pull from that will give them Hope in Jesus.

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