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Stories Will Change the World

One of the ways I find beauty in my life is by homeschooling my children. And actually, truth and goodness are found there too. It is one of the most sanctifying things God has used in my life to make me more like Him.

Homeschooling brings hope to my heart, and a big part of that I believe is through the books that we read. I really think that stories can & will change the world. A good story brings about hope within our hearts, not to mention courage, perseverance, and ultimately, a good story points us back to a good Creator (even if the book isn’t about God, we can still see a picture of the Gospel in every story.) This notion was brought to my attention from the ladies over at The Literary Life Podcast. It’s a beautiful display of God’s hand in all of the earth. Generations of stories that proclaim His story. The mere thought that He even chose to reveal Himself through stories and the written word…the Bible, tells us the importance of stories in all the earth.

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Do you homeschool? And if so, how do you see stories play out into you and your children’s lives?

In what ways do you use stories to engage your students and you families?

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